Call for applications XXXVII cycle – PON call (academic year 2021/2022)

Is on line the PON public call for applications (Italian and English version) for admission to XXXVII cycle research doctorate courses (2021/22 academic year)

Scholarships Ministerial Decree 10 August, 2021 n. 1061

Deadline: 2 November, 2021, time 17.00 (CET)



N. of Scholarships
“Innovative ceramics from industrial waste and by- products”


Green 1
“Plant Microbial Fuel Cell: a green energy harvesting technology for the sustainable power supply of low-power electrical devices” Green 1
“Consolidation of unstable slopes through organic polymers” Green 1
“Construction of a 3D model of the Po Plain subsoil for the protection of groundwater and its sustainable exploitation by low-enthalpy geothermal energy”


Green 1
“Coupling 3D geological modelling and groundwater flow groundwater modelling: an integrated and seamless approach to improve the environmental sustainability of hydraulic barrier systems” Green 1
“Quantitative assessment of sediment dynamics on catchment scale using advanced modelling and scenario analysis to adapt Mediterranean agroecosystems to global change” Green 1
“Low-cost methods for monitoring shallow landslide occurrence along infrastructures” Green 1
“From taxonomy to plant nursery: an integrated approach for conservation of rare plant species “ Green 1
“Geothermal energy: an under-exploited tool to improve and support the green transition. Development evaluation in the Southern Apennines (Italy”


Green 1
“Bioprospecting of fungi for low-impact technique development aimed to metal recovery of industrial interest” Green 1