April, 6th, 2023: Scientific writing course (10:00 – 12:00, Room C – Orto Botanico) – BIO PhD students

February 22nd, 2023: Scientific writing course (first lesson: 9:00 – 12:00, Room D2). E’ necessario registrarsi al corso compilando l’apposito modulo di adesione, al seguente link:

January 23th-27th, 2023:  Seed Functional Ecology Winter School (10 credits) – organised by Andrea Mondoni (

July 4th-15th, 2022: Summer School “Impact of slope instabilities on large infrastructures“, (12 credits) – organised by International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment

May 25th, 2022: Corso Breve “Il contributo della sedimentologia nello studio degli ambienti marini attuali“, (1 credit) – organised by Stefania Lisco

May 4th, 2022 first class (following classes on Wednesday and Friday 11:00-13:00): Seismic Ground Response Analysis, (5 credits) – organised by Guido Andreotti

May 2nd-6th, 2022: Modelli di distribuzione spaziale in R, (10 credits) – organised by Achaz von Hardenberg

February 22nd-24th, 2022: Analisi di serie storiche con R, (5 credits) – organised by Marco Bittelli

February 21st-25th, 2022, Stable Isotopes in Freshwater Ecology, (6 credits) – organised by Fabio Ercoli

TBD, Vibrational Spectroscopy meets Geosciences (5 credits) – organised by Matteo Alvaro

January 24th-28th, 2022:  Seed Functional Ecology Winter School (10 credits) – organised by Andrea Mondoni (

October 24th-29th, 2021: International School on Mantle Dynamics – MEREMA 2nd edition (10 credits) – organised by Riccardo Tribuzio and Alberto Zanetti, in cooperation with the PhD programs of the Universities of Ferrara, Genova, Milano, Modena – Reggio Emilia, Torino

October 7th-8th, 2021: Experiments in the field…when nature becomes a lab! – organised by Sarah Caronni

July 12-17th, 2021: Metamorphosis of Metamorphism Summer School (10 credits) – organised by Matteo Alvaro

June 28th-July 2nd, 2021: Summer school ‘Monitoring marine alien species in ports with the SERC Protocol’ – organised by Agnese Marchini

May 10th-14th, 2021: Modelli di Distribuzione di Specie –  organised by Achaz von Hardenberg

March 22–26th, 2021: Workshop on Conservation paleobiology  organised by Paolo G. Albano

February 4-5th, 2021Statistical Regression Models for Engineering Geology through R – organised by Massimiliano Bordoni

February 1st, 2021Scientific Writing – organised by Cristina Persano  

January 25-29th, 2021: Seed Functional Ecology Winter School (10 credits) – organised by Andrea Mondoni

October 19-23rd, 2020: Satellite SAR interferometry as a supporting tool for the land subsidence (4 credits) – lecturer Roberta Bonì – online course

February 10-15th, 2020: Winter School Thermal history of basin-source systems (10 credits) – organised by Chiara Amadori, Andrea Di Giulio and Giovanni Toscani

January 20-23rd, 2020: short course Principle of geological numerical modelling (3 credits) – Leonardo Casini (University of Sassari)

October 7-10th, 2019Structure and Composition of the Lower Continental Crust (6 credits) – organised by Riccardo Tribuzio, Alberto Zanetti, Antonio Langone and Alessio Sanfilippo

August 26-39th, 2019: First international summer school in Statistical Analysis of Spatial Data in Agro-Environmental Research – SDAE (8 credits) – organised by Michael Maerker

July 19-21st, 2019: Multidisciplinary field trip in Western Alps (3 credits) – organised by Matteo Alvaro, Antonio Langone, Matteo Maino, Alessio Sanfilippo, Giovanni Toscani

July 16-19th, 2019: Summer School “Alpine permafrost dynamics from remote sensing to the field: collection, analyses and assimilation of multi-source data” (5 credits) – organised by Roberto Seppi in collaboration with EURAC – Program

June 18-21st, 2019: Slope instabilities in a human modified environment: the case study of Cinque Terre UNESCO area (6 credits) – organised by Francesco Zucca – Program

June 3-7th, 2019: Introduzione alla statistica Bayesiana applicata all’ecologia ed evoluzione (10 credits) – Achaz von Hardenberg – organised by Roberto Sacchi

May 27th, 2019: Frontiers in ICP-MS/MS Application in Earth and Environmental Sciences (2 credits) – organised by Alberto Zanetti and Antonio Langone – Program

May 23-24th, 2019: The meaning of a disaster – Field course in Vajont valley (2 credits) – organised by Massimiliano Bordoni and Claudia Meisina

May 20th and 22nd, 2019: Ecosystem services and environmental accounting (2 credits) – Paolo Vassallo – organised by Agnese Marchini and Anna Occhipinti

April 11-12th, 2019Bioconstructional ecosystems under a changing climate:
their importance, their vulnerability and potential in Future Oceans (2 credits) – Chiara Lombardi – organised by Agnese Marchini and Anna Occhipinti

January 28-30th, 2019: Spatial Data Analysis (3 credits) – Geraldine Quénéhervé – organised by Michael Maerker

October 9-15th, 2018:  Comunicare la scienza – Workshop teorico/pratico sulla realizzazione di contenuti video per divulgare contenuti scientifici (10 credits) – Luigi Bignami and Luca Mariani – organised by UniMI Earth Sciences PhD Program

October 2nd, 2018 – January 15th, 2019:  Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (4 credits) – Ross Angel

October 1-3rd, 2018:  SWAT – Soil and Water Assessment Tool (3 credits) – Rike Becker – organised by Michael Maerker and Giorgio Pilla

September 9-16th, 2018: Methods in Forest Ecology (12 credits) – organised by Francesca Dalla Rocca and Giuseppe Bogliani

July 23-24th, 2018: Idro-meccanica dei mezzi porosi (3 credits) – Renato M. Cosentini – organised by Silvio Seno

July 10-13th, 2018Ossola Field Course (6 credits) – organised by Francesco Zucca and Roberto Seppi

June-July, 2018: Natural Hazard Field Course in Val Tidone (10 credits) – organised by Michael Maerker

June 17-20th, 2018: Field course in Asinara Island (3 credits) – Matteo Maino, Matteo Alvaro, Alessio Sanfilippo, Antonio Langone, Giovanni Toscani

April 10th, 2018: Plant Traits (1 credit) – Simon Pierce – organised by Graziano Rossi

March 8th – April 4th, 2018: Comunicazione scientifica: dalla teoria alla pratica (3 credits) – Claudia Lupi, Viviana Re, Massimo Benedetti – Programma del corso

February 19-22nd, 2018: Modelli di distribuzione (8 credits) – Achaz von Hardenberg (University of Chester) – organised by Giuseppe Bogliani – SOLD OUT

February 12-16th, 2018: Stabilità dei pendii (5 credits) – Renato M. Cosentini – organised by Silvio Seno

January 18-19th, 2018: Geostatistica (2 credits) – Sebastiano Trevisani (University of Venezia) – organised by Claudia Meisina

December 19th ,2017Recent advances in natural products (1 credit) – Sujogya Kumar Panda – organised by Solveig Tosi

December 11-15th ,2017: Computational mechanics for scientific problems (6 credits) – Matteo Alvaro, Alessandro Reali, Giancarlo Sangalli

November 8th, 2017: Element cycling in the deep Earth: application through trace element and isotope studies (1.5 credits) – Vincent Salters – organized by Alessio Sanfilippo

September 19-22nd, 2017Slope dynamics and responses of surface processes to climate change: the case of the Mont Blanc massif (8 credits) – organized by Roberto Seppi and Francesco Zucca

September 11-15th, 2017: Interpretation and 2D/3D Model Building/Validation of Seismic Structures (6 credits) – organized by Giovanni Toscani, lectures by Claudio Turrini

July 11-13th, 2017: Multidisciplinary Field Trip in Adamello (3 credits) – organised by Matteo Maino, Alessio Sanfilippo, Matteo Alvaro, Antonio Langone, Giovanni Toscani

July 6th, 2017Analisi spazio-temporale della geodiversità a scala locale (1 credit) – Irene Bollati – Cancelled

July 2017: Macrofunghi: ecologia e biotecnologie (2 credits) – Elena Savino

March – April 2017: Piante e cambiamenti climatici: impatti ed azioni di mitigazione (2 credits) – Andrea Mondoni

March 2017: Agroambiente e tutela della biodiversità (1 credit) – Maura Brusoni

March 2017: Cambiamenti climatici e specie aliene (2 credits) – Agnese Marchini

February – October 2017: Funghi e Agroambiente (2 credits) – Anna Maria Picco, Marinella Ridolfi, Solveig Tosi
– February 2017: Microfunghi nella lotta contro i fitopatogeni – Anna Maria Picco
– February 2017: Microfunghi e contaminazione alimentare – Marinella Ridolfi
– October 2017: I funghi nel biorisanamento – Solveig Tosi

February 13-17th, 2017: Winter School “Melting and fluid/melt-rock reactions in the mantle” – (9 credits) organised by Riccardo Tribuzio and Alberto Zanetti – Feedback

October 25-27th, 2016: Mechanical Modelling of Faulting and Fractures (5 credits) – Michele Cooke (University of Massachussetts) organised by Giovanni Toscani