Research Topics 2017/18

Research Topics call 2017/18

Relationship between slope instability and anthropogenic conditioned environments for a more effective land management and risk mitigation
(Proposer: Francesco Zucca)

The Middle Triassic of Sardinia (Muschelkalk) in the frame of the Western Tethys evolution
(Proposer: Ausonio Ronchi)

Alternative strategies and physiological trade-offs in a polymorphic lizard
(Proposer: Roberto Sacchi)

Incorporation of mantle bodies within the middle continental crust (Ivrea crustal section)
(Proposer: Riccardo Tribuzio)

Determination of the P-T-t paths of gneisses and metapelites embedding eclogite-facies mafic rocks in the Cima Lunga-Adula unit: possible implications for (U)HP nappe evolution in the Central Alps
(Proposer: Matteo Maino)

Marine invasion in the central Mediterranean Sea by foraminifera
(Proposers: Nicoletta Mancin and Agnese Marchini)

Integrative assessment of soil erosion dynamics in the Oltrepo area
(Proposer: Michael Maerker)

Valorisation of geomaterials and secondary raw materials in the design of AAMs
(Proposer: Serena Tarantino)

Elastic geobarometry: bringing back together P-T-t paths and deformation history of Western Gneiss Region, Norway
(Proposer: Matteo Alvaro – ERC grant)

Geobarometry on inclusion in UHP metamorphic rocks: determining the triple point of Al2SiO5 polymorphs (kyanite andalusite sillimanite)
(Proposer: Matteo Alvaro)

Inorganic Geochemistry to Improve Source Rock Evaluation – IGISRE
(Proposer: Alessio Sanfilippo – ENI grant)

Characterization of fault and fracture networks in carbonate platforms: the interactions between tectonic evolution, sedimentary facies and diagenesis
(Proposer: Cesare Perotti – ENI grant)

MYCOREMEDIATION: selection of new fungal strains and optimization of their activity in view of field applications
(Proposer: Solveig Tosi – ENI grant)