PhD Students

XXXIV series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Anna BARBARO M.C. Domeneghetti A. Langone
Carbon phases in ureilites
Marco CARTABIA E. Savino A.M. Picco
Selection and characterization of wood decay fungal strains for the development of bio-materials and bioactive substances
Valeria CAVALLORO E. Martino S. Tosi
Exploiting the Pavia territory plant biodiversity for the discovery of proteasome modulators
Anna CORLI G. Rossi P. Nola
Competition or facilitation? Studies of wetland plant species in natural environment and agroecosystems for future translocation perspectives
Stefania CORVO’  M. Maino M. Alvaro
Determination of P-T-t-d paths from lithospheric shear zones: links between deformation, magmatism and metamorphism
Marco TAMBURINI A. Occhipinti R. Sacchi
Colonization success of marine non-indigenous species across habitats and climate scenarios

XXXIII series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Marta ANTONICELLI  R. Tribuzio M.C. Domeneghetti
Growth of the Ivrea Crustal Section
Greta BONACINA  A. Sanfilippo M. Alvaro
Inorganic Geochemistry to Improve Source Rock Evaluation – IGISRE
Alberto BOSINO  M. Maerker R. Seppi
 Integrative assessment of soil erosion dynamics in the Oltrepo area
Martina CIGNETTI  F. Zucca M. Maerker
Relationship between slope instability and anthropogenic conditioned environment for a more effective land management and risk mitigation
Alan Jioele COLADONATO  R. Sacchi, S. Scali P. Galeotti
Alternative strategies and physiological trade-offs in a polymorphic lizard
Chiara DACCO’  S. Tosi A. Occhipinti
Selection of new fungal strains and optimization of their activity for bioremediation of complex hydrocarbons mixture
Roberta GUASTELLA  N. Mancin, A. Marchini M. Cobianchi
Marine invasion by non-indigenous benthic foraminifera in the Sicily Channel (Central Mediterranean Sea): distribution, impact and dynamics
Riccardo INAMA  C. Perotti S. Seno
Characterization of fault and fracture networks in carbonate platforms: the interactions between tectonic evolution, sedimentary facies and diagenesis
Marta MORANA  M. Alvaro A. Zanetti
 Magnetic inclusions in diamonds
Elastic geobarometry: bringing back together P-T-t paths and deformation history of Lago di Cignana, Italy, and Western Gneiss Region, Norway

XXXII series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Aldo BERTONE R. Seppi, F. Zucca, M. Callegari M. Maerker
Slow movements in alpine terrains analyzed combining different technologies: SAR interferometry, UAV-based remote sensing and GPS measurements
Mattia BONAZZI M. Alvaro, S. Poli, S. Tumiati A. Zanetti
Elastic geobarometry methods: validation through synthesis and characterization of host-inclusion pairs by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction
Valentina CESARONI E. Savino, P. Rossi, F. Corana A.M. Picco
Improving the researches on Hericium erinaceus for a better use of its medicinal properties in central nervous system
Alice CHIODI R. Sacchi, C. Bandi, D. Sassera G. Bogliani
Molecular markers and bioinformatics in species detection: two case studies in Pelophylax spp. (Amphibia, Ranidae) and in a novel bacterial endosymbiont, in ciliate protista
Niccolò DEMATTEIS F. Zucca, D. Giordan, G. Luzi R. Seppi
Network development of integrated remote sensing sensors for monitoring gravitational slope phenomena
Mara MURRI M.C. Domeneghetti, B. Mihailova, R.J. Angel, M. Prencipe A. Langone
Impact Diamonds
Arianna MUSACCHIO E. Sacchi, V. Re C. Meisina
Socio-hydrogeological assessment of groundwater nitrate contamination in the northern Lombardy plain (Italy)
Valentina OBEROSLER G. Bogliani, F. Rovero, S. Tenan M. Fasola
Mammals in a changing planet: using camera trapping data with hierarchical modelling to assess and monitor populations and communities from local to global scales
Yuri PANARA C. Perotti, S. Seno, G. Toscani M. Maino
Fracture pattern and surface deformations induced by active buried faults: seismotectonic implications
Francesco PORRO A. Mondoni, B. Erschbamer S. Tosi
Comparative seed germination and longevity studies of alpine plants in the context of climate change
Roberta RIGHINI G. Pavan, H. Glotin A. Marchini
Bioacoustics and Ecoacoustics applied to environmental management
Gabriele ZAFFIRO M. Alvaro, M.C. Domeneghetti, R.J. Angel A. Sanfilippo
Determination of elastic properties and single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements of mineral inclusions still trapped in ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks

XXXI series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Gabriele GHEZA S. Assini G. Rossi
Dynamics and Ecological functions of Cryptogam Soil Crusts (Csc) in planitial landscapes of continental-temperate regions
Filippo GUZZON A. Mondoni P. Nola
Adaptation of Poaceae and Cucurbitaceae to climate change-driven abiotic stress: a focus on drought and salinity
Joan LLORET QUIRANTE A. Ronchi A. Lualdi
Stratigraphic-sedimentary reconstruction in the Permian-Triassic succession of the Central Pyrenees and its significance in Western Tethys plate reorganization
Marco MANGIACOTTI R. Sacchi, S. Scali M. Fasola
Protein components of femoral gland secretions in a polymorphic lizard (Podarcis muralis)
Mattia MAZZUCCHELLI M.C. Domeneghetti A. Langone
In-situ elastic geobarometry for Ultra-High pressure Metamophic (UHPM) rocks
Niccolò MENEGONI C. Perotti, C. Meisina S. Seno
Fracturing identification, analysis and fluid circulation in sedimentary rocks
Davide SCRIDEL G. Bogliani A. Meriggi
Alpine birds and climate change


Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Monica Andrenacci A. Occhipinti A. Marchini
Potenzialità dell’ecologia marina come strumento di indagine nell’ambito delle scienze forensi
Erica Dello Jacovo A. Mondoni, PPM. Iannetta, T. Valentine, C. Bonomi
Perspectives on the conservation and restoration of native wild legumes: the biology and ecology of Astragalus, Oxytropis and Lathyrus species as models