PhD Students


Name Tutor(s) Co-tutor Outside Examiner
Ilaria BRUGELLIS Silvia Assini Cinzia Calvio
Università di Pavia
Elena Savino
Primary Agroindustry: energy from PMFCs (Plant Microbial Fuel Cells) to power sensors
Salvatore COCO Agnese Marchini Jasmine Ferrario Università di Pavia Andrea Mondoni
Management of bioinvasions in ports: exploring sustainable solutions to increase native biodiversity and exploit non-native fouling species
Alice FOSSATI Emanuela Martino Simona Collina
Università di Pavia
Elena Savino
Biodiversity valorization: from plants to active metabolites
Giusto LO BUE Nicoletta Mancin Stefania Lisco
Università di Bari
Andrea Di Giulio
“Plasticagglutinated” reefs by the sedentary polychaete Sabellaria spinulosa (Leuckart, 1849) in the Adriatic Sea: microplastic uptake, accumulation and associated risk
Mattia PALLANZA Simone Orsenigo Graziano Rossi
Università di Pavia
Silvia Assini
Native plants for ecological restoration in Italy: taxonomy and species selection
Federico ROMANI Gianni Pavan Mario Posillico
Reparto Carabinieri Biodiversità Castel di Sangro · CeRAM – Centro Ricerche Ambienti Montani
Roberto Sacchi
Serengeti Ecosystem Raptors Project: the first in-depth study of the secretarybird in the Serengeti National Park
Federica ROTTA Agnese Marchini Fabio Lepori Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana Nicoletta Mancin
Microplastic contamination in Lake Lugano’s watershed: Environmental matrix and macroinvertebrate fauna

XXXVII Series, “Dottorati su tematiche green”, DM 1061/2021

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Daniel BARRERA A. Di Giulio  A. Ronchi
Costruzione di un modello geologico 3D del sottosuolo padano per la protezione della risorsa idrica ed il suo sfruttamento sostenibile per geotermia a bassa entalpia
Federico FAINELLI S. Orsenigo  S. Tosi
Dallo studio tassonomico alla produzione vivaistica: approccio integrato alla conservazione di specie vegetali rare
Giulia FRUTAZ M. Bordoni M. Maino
Consolidamento di versanti instabili attraverso l’uso di polimeri organici
Manuel LA LICATA M. Maerker  C. Meisina
Quantitative assessment of sediment dynamics on catchment scale using advanced modelling and scenario analysis to adapt Mediterranean agroecosystems to global change
Margherita PAVANELLO C. Meisina  M. Maerker
Metodi a basso costo per il monitoraggio della probabilità di accadimento di frane superficiali lungo infrastrutture
Chrysanthi PONTIKOU G. Toscani  A. Di Giulio
Geothermal energy: an under-exploited tool to improve and support the green transition. Development evaluation in the Southern Apennines (Italy)
Michele VEZZOLA S. Tosi  S. Orsenigo
Valorizzazione della biodiversità fungina per lo sviluppo di metodiche a basso impatto per il biorecupero di metalli di interesse industriale
Simone ZANA M. Maino  M. Bordoni
Coupling 3D geological modelling and groundwater flow groundwater modelling: an integrated and seamless approach to improve the environmental sustainability of hydraulic barrier systems


Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Veronica CAMPLONE F. Zucca M.C. Domeneghetti
Planetary Cartography with MATISSE
Anthea DESIDERIO E. Savino
P. Rossi
S. Tosi
Wood decay fungi as recycling bio-agents for nutraceuticals, industrial and agrifood applications
Gianluca FEA R. Sacchi A. Marchini
Biological control for Non-indigenous Crayfish Species (NICS)
Lorenzo GOPPA E. Savino
P. Rossi
S. Tosi
Towards a sustainable development of mushrooms to enhance and extend human lifespan as well as to prevent neurodegeneration
Silvano LODETTI G. Rossi S. Orsenigo
Alpine plant biodiversity across time and space: a multifaceted approach in the context of climate change
Stefano LOMBARDI G. Toscani
A. Di Giulio
G. Gervasi
C. Meisina
Characterization of a depleted reservoir and preliminary evaluation for its conversion from methane to hydrogen storage
Davide MARIANI R. Tribuzio A. Sanfilippo
Early evolution of mantle-derived magmas involved in the building of the Ivrea Mafic Complex (Italian Alps)
Laura PEDRETTI C. Meisina G. Toscani
Support of A-DInSAR data in ground displacement detection and monitoring for a sustainable land management
Michele PEROZZO M. Maino R. Tribuzio
The role of structural inheritance in thrust tectonics: the Ligurian Alps case-study
Biswabhanu PUHAN M. Alvaro  A. Zanetti
Modelli e tecnologia per monitorare e prevedere movimenti della crosta terrestre
Federico STORNIOLO R. Sacchi A. Marchini
Assessing genetic introgression event between two Italian colubrids (Hierophis viridiflavus and H. carbonarius), its morphological drivers and effects on melanism expression

XXXVI series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Odunayo David ADENIYI M. Maerker C. Meisina
Assessment of Digital soil mapping approaches in an intensively used agricultural landscape in Lombardy characterized by irrigation
Alice BERNINI M. Maerker C. Meisina
Modelling of Soil Hydrological Dynamics along the Ticino Valley Irrigation Cascade in Lombardy
Simone BURATTI E. Savino A. Occhipinti
Improving the sewage sludge quality through mycoremediation
Daniela GHIA R. Sacchi A. Marchini
Assessing behavioural traits and ecological impacts of invasive crayfish species in freshwater ecosystems
Alessia GIAROLA M. Bordoni G. Toscani
ASSE-ASsessment of shallow landslides SEdiment sources and delivery hazard at catchment scale
Ludovico MANNA G. Toscani S. Seno
The lithological control on the earthquake nucleation at different geological conditions: a numerical approach
Thasajini NAGENDRAN A. Mondoni, K.M.G.G. Jayasuriya, M.M. Wijayasinghe S. Tosi
Seed biology and establishment ecology of selected wild rice species and cultivated traditional rice varieties towards conservation and management
Abimbola Chris OGUNYELE A. Zanetti R. Tribuzio
The geodynamic evolution of the Gondwana-Laurasia boundary in Triassic times: Constraints from the tectono-magmatic cycles of the Southern Alps
Giacomo PANZA C. Meisina M. Maerker
Role of vineyard inter-row management on soil hydrological, biological properties and on slope stability
Michelle RYGUS C. Meisina M. Maerker
A-DInSAR technique as supporting tool for sustainable groundwater resources management in subsiding area
Mar SANTOS SIMON Maren Ortiz Zarragoitia
A. Marchini
Hull biofouling: An ecological and ecotoxicological approach for common suitable management and policy strategies
Elisa TORRETTA A. Meriggi R. Sacchi
Demography and ecological response of roe deer across a natural – human-modified habitat gradient in northern Italy
Fabrizio TROILO F. Zucca A. Ronchi
Glacial and Periglacial Risks in high mountain environment. Analytic Methods, adaptation strategies and mitigation in the Aosta Valley Region case study
Fiona Jane WHITE A. Mondoni G. Rossi
Integrating ex situ seed conservation and plant translocations in the context of climate change

XXXV series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Manuele BETTONI M. Maerker C. Meisina
What makes a soil landscape robust? Assessment of landscape sensitivity in relation to land use changes in a southern Alpine valley (Ticino, Switzerland)
Carlo Maria CUSARO M. Brusoni A. Mondoni
Herbicide resistances and epigenetic mechanisms
Futsum HAGOS M. Fasola / D. Pellitteri Rosa R. Sacchi
Phylogeography, ecology and conservation of the Soemmerring’s Gazelle Nanger soemmerringii in Eritrea
Giovanni SCRIBANO D. Pellitteri Rosa A. Marchini
Behavioural plasticity in a changing world. Effects of human-induced environmental change on animal behaviour in amphibians
Camilla SANI A. Sanfilippo
A. Stracke
R. Tribuzio
Anatomy of an oceanic megatransform: geochemical variability of the oceanic lithosphere of the Doldrums Fracture Zone (7-8ºN, Mid Atlantic Ridge)
Daniele STRIGARO S. Seno, M. Cannata A. Marchini
Management and protection of lake ecosystems by enabling data analytics based on a cost-effective, open and high-frequency monitoring system
Lorenzo STORI A. Ronchi N. Mancin
The Middle Triassic of Sardinia (Muschelkalk) in the frame of the Western Tethys evolution
Silvia TAMBURELLI A. Di Giulio M. Maino
From paragenesis to diagenesis modelling (DiaMod)
Marta TEMPORITI S. Tosi M. Setti
Fungi degrading plastics: selection and evaluating of their activity