PhD Students

XXXIII series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Marta ANTONICELLI  R. Tribuzio M.C. Domeneghetti
Growth of the Ivrea Crustal Section
Greta BONACINA  A. Sanfilippo M. Alvaro
Inorganic Geochemistry to Improve Source Rock Evaluation – IGISRE
Alberto BOSINO  M. Maerker R. Seppi
 Integrative assessment of soil erosion dynamics in the Oltrepo area
Martina CIGNETTI  F. Zucca M. Maerker
Relationship between slope instability and anthropogenic conditioned environment for a more effective land management and risk mitigation
Alan Jioele COLADONATO  R. Sacchi, S. Scali P. Galeotti
Alternative strategies and physiological trade-offs in a polymorphic lizard
Chiara DACCO’  S. Tosi A. Occhipinti
Selection of new fungal strains and optimization of their activity for bioremediation of complex hydrocarbons mixture
Roberta GUASTELLA  N. Mancin, A. Marchini M. Cobianchi
Marine invasion by non-indigenous benthic foraminifera in the Sicily Channel (Central Mediterranean Sea): distribution, impact and dynamics
Riccardo INAMA  C. Perotti S. Seno
Characterization of fault and fracture networks in carbonate platforms: the interactions between tectonic evolution, sedimentary facies and diagenesis
Marta MORANA  M. Alvaro A. Zanetti
 Magnetic inclusions in diamonds
Elastic geobarometry: bringing back together P-T-t paths and deformation history of Lago di Cignana, Italy, and Western Gneiss Region, Norway

XXXII series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Aldo BERTONE R. Seppi, F. Zucca, M. Callegari M. Maerker
Slow movements in alpine terrains analyzed combining different technologies: SAR interferometry, UAV-based remote sensing and GPS measurements
Mattia BONAZZI M. Alvaro, S. Poli, S. Tumiati R. Tribuzio
Elastic geobarometry methods: validation through synthesis and characterization of host-inclusion pairs by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction
Valentina CESARONI E. Savino, P. Rossi, F. Corana A.M. Picco
Improving the researches on Hericium erinaceus for a better use of its medicinal properties in central nervous system
Alice CHIODI M. Fasola R. Sacchi
Molecular detection of an invasion: alien genomes and cryptic hybridization in wild population of the water frog complex (Pelophylax spp.) in Italy
Niccolò DEMATTEIS F. Zucca, D. Giordan, G. Luzi R. Seppi
Network development of integrated remote sensing sensors for monitoring gravitational slope phenomena
Mara MURRI M.C. Domeneghetti, B. Mihailova, R.J. Angel, M. Prencipe A. Langone
Impact Diamonds
Arianna MUSACCHIO E. Sacchi, V. Re C. Meisina
Socio-hydrogeological assessment of groundwater nitrate contamination in the northern Lombardy plain (Italy)
Valentina OBEROSLER G. Bogliani, F. Rovero, S. Tenan M. Fasola
Mammals in a changing planet: using camera trapping data with hierarchical modelling to assess and monitor populations and communities from local to global scales
Yuri PANARA C. Perotti, S. Seno, G. Toscani M. Cobianchi
Fracture pattern and surface deformations induced by active buried faults: seismotectonic implications
Francesco PORRO A. Mondoni, B. Erschbamer S. Tosi
Comparative seed germination and longevity studies of alpine plants in the context of climate change
Roberta RIGHINI G. Pavan, H. Glotin A. Marchini
Bioacoustics and Ecoacoustics applied to environmental management
Gabriele ZAFFIRO M. Alvaro, M.C. Domeneghetti, R.J. Angel A. Sanfilippo
Determination of elastic properties and single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements of mineral inclusions still trapped in ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks

XXXI series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Gabriele GHEZA S. Assini TBD
Dynamics and Ecological functions of Cryptogam Soil Crusts (Csc) in planitial landscapes of continental-temperate regions
Filippo GUZZON A. Mondoni TBD
Adaptation of Poaceae and Cucurbitaceae to climate change-driven abiotic stress: a focus on drought and salinity
Stratigraphic-sedimentary reconstruction in the Permian-Triassic succession of the Central Pyrenees and its significance in Western Tethys plate reorganization
Marco MANGIACOTTI R. Sacchi, S. Scali TBD
Protein components of femoral gland secretions in a polymorphic lizard (Podarcis muralis)
Mattia MAZZUCCHELLI M.C. Domeneghetti TBD
In-situ elastic geobarometry for Ultra-High pressure Metamophic (UHPM) rocks
Niccolò MENEGONI C. Perotti, C. Meisina TBD
Fracturing identification, analysis and fluid circulation in sedimentary rocks
Davide SCRIDEL G. Bogliani TBD
Alpine birds and climate change

XXX series

Name Tutor(s) Outside Examiner
Holly ABBANDONATO G. Rossi A. Mondoni
Certification of Seed Quality and Provenance
Chiara AMADORI A. Di Giulio C. Perotti
Architecture and provenance of Mio-Pleistocene clastic filling of the Po Plain – Northern Adriatic Basin: controlling factors, petrographic evidences and consequences on facies tracts and petrophysics of sand bodies
Monica ANDRENACCI A. Occhipinti, M. Faimali TBD
Potenzialità dell’ecologia marina come strumento di indagine nell’ambito delle scienze forensi
Davide BERNO R. Tribuzio, A. Sanfilippo, A. Zanetti A. Langone
Early evolution of mantle melts intruding the lowermost oceanic and continental crust: insights from the troctolite-gabbro association of the Pineto ophiolite (Corsica) and the M. Capio ultramafic sill (Ivrea Verbano Zone, Western Alps)
Cristina BLANDINO A. Mondoni A. Balestrazzi
Comparative seed biology of European temperate forest understory herbs
Emanuele BONANNO S. Seno, L. Bonini M. Maino
Assessment of factors that govern the identification of seismogenic segments of active faults in compressive tectonic setting
Giorgio CHIOZZI M. Fasola G. Bogliani
Forze guida della radiazione evolutiva del genere endemico Danakilia (Actinopterygii, Cichlidae) della Depressione Dancala (Africa nord orientale)
Antonio DA COSTA TEXEIRA A. Mondoni A. Balestrazzi
Life history traits in contrasting environments – intraspecies variation in stress tolerance
Erica DELLO JACOVO A. Mondoni A. Balestrazzi
Prospective on the conservation and restoration of native wild legumes: the biology and ecology of Astragalus, Oxytropis and Lathyrus species as models
Jakub FEDORIK S. Seno, G. Toscani A. Ronchi
The Sicily Channel Rift: fault geometry and tectonic structures, analogue modelling, geodynamics mechanisms. Consequences for seismic hazard assessment.
Stephanie FRISCHIE A. Mondoni G. Rossi
Traits-based prioritization of native herbaceous species for restoring biodiversity in Mediterranean olive orchards
Francesca GAFFURI A.M. Picco, M. Brusoni E. Savino
Valutazione dell’incidenza e degli effetti di Colletotrichum acutatum (Fungi, Ascomycotina) in galle prodotte da Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yatsumatsu (Hymenoptera Cynipidae) su Castanea sativa e ricerca di possibili altri ospiti in ambito forestale
Characterization of native grasses for agronomic seed production and ground cover use in Mediterranean olive groves
Emma LADOUCEUR A. Mondoni G. Rossi
A biogeographical approach to species selection for grassland mitigation and restoration projects with a focus on alpine and Atlantic species
Angela LANDINEZ TORRES S. Tosi, A.M. Picco E. Capelli
Valutazione della qualità microbiologica dei suoli per la valorizzazione dell’agroambiente
Laura LOPEZ DEL EGIDO A. Mondoni A. Balestrazzi
Seed pre-treatments of native species for optimal establishment in in-situ restoration programmes
Elisabetta MARCHIONDA A. Ceriani, A. Di Giulio, R. Deschamps, F.H. Nader A. Lualdi
Facies analysis and stratigraphic-sedimentological modelling of the Upper Jurassic Arab Formation (onshore field, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Maria MARIN A. Mondoni G. Rossi
Improving seed quality in large-scale production of native seeds
Pierre MUELLER A. Di Giulio, M. Patacci A. Ronchi
Physical stratigraphy and facies tracts of the Bordighera deep sea fan in the framework of the pre-collisional evolution of the Alpine convergent system.” (in collaboration with TRG Leeds)
Roberta OCCHIPINTI SC Tarantino, MP Riccardi M. Setti
Materiali ceramici per applicazioni strutturali: valorizzazione della materia prima seconda
Maria TUDELA ISANTA A. Mondoni A. Balestrazzi
Biogeographical aspects of seed dormancy
Aylin ULMAN A. Occhipinti, A. Marchini G. Pavan
Recreational boating as vectors of spread of marine non-indigenous species in the Mediterranean Sea: biological and socio-economic analysis
Malaka WIJAYASINGHE A. Mondoni S. Tosi
Seed longevity in storage of alpine plants