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PhD Program's official and internal deadlines for midterm evaluation and admission to the final exam

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Watch the interview to our PhD student Daniela Ghia

Freshwater crayfish, an endangered species

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Stable Isotopes in Freshwater Ecology

Course, Pavia - February 21st-25th, 2022 - 6 credits

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Analisi di serie storiche con R

Course, Pavia - February 22nd-24th, 2022 - 5 credits

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Modelli di distribuzione spaziale in R

Course, Pavia - May 2nd-6th, 2022- 10 credits

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Welcome to XXXVII cycle students

Last news

Il primo progetto pilota di collaborazione tra Sistemi Bibliotecari

Martedì 25 gennaio 2022 è stato firmato e presentato dai Rettori delle Università di Genova e di Pavia, Federico Delfino (Università di Genova) e Francesco Svelto (Università di Pavia), un importante Accordo, grazie […]

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On-line the PhD deadlines

  PhD Program’s internal deadlines for midterm evaluation and admission to the final exam, are on- line Read

Congratulations to 33rd series PhD

The PhD Coordinator, prof. Roberto Sacchi, would like to express his praise to all PhD students of 33rd series who, over the past few months, have passed their final exam: Marta Antonicelli, Greta […]

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Giovanni Scribano wins “Prof. Emilio Gatti” award

The Istituto Lombardo, Accademia di Scienze e Lettere (Lombard Institute, Academy of Sciences and Arts) has awarded Giovanni Scribano with the degree award “Prof. Emilio Gatti” for his master’s thesis titled “Population dynamics and life history […]

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XXXVII series PhD Kickoff presentations

The first kickoff presentations of XXXVII series will take place on 22 October, 2021 – Room B6 DSTA:
Calendar of presentations
The second kickoff presentations, will take place on 05 November, 2021- Room B6 DSTA:
Calendar […]



Coordinator: prof. Roberto Sacchi
Vicecoordinator: prof. Riccardo Tribuzio
Secretary: Paola Muggiati



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