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PhD Program's official and internal deadlines for midterm evaluation and admission to the final exam

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Mid-Term Evaluation calendar

To access to the following year, each PhD student must be examined by a commission

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Our photogallery: events, courses and PhD fun

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PhD Congress 2020

4-6th March 2020

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Thermal history of basin-source systems

International Winter School - 10-15th February 2020 - Pavia - 10 credits

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Multidisciplinary field trip to Monginevro-Chenaillet

19-21st July 2019 - Gallery

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Structure and Composition of the Lower Continental Crust

7-10th October 2019 - Gallery

Last news

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UNIPV-ENI cooperation produces a new paper on IBB journal

Chiara Daccò, ENI funded PhD student, in cooperation with her supervisor Solveig Tosi’s research team, has published the paper Key fungal degradation patterns, enzymes and their applications for the removal of aliphatic hydrocarbons in […]

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Giacomo Assandri wins Giacomini Award

The Italian Society of Ecology has awarded Giacomo Assandri with “Valerio Giacomini” Award.
Giacomo Assandri, XXXIX series PhD, is now a young researcher at the University of Pavia. He cooperates with MUSE – Museo […]

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CICOPS scholarship to Angela Landinez

Angela Landinez, PhD in 2018, has won a CICOPS scholarship in Pavia, from 12th September to 7th December. Angela’s research on Soil fungal biodiversity of high- Andes in Colombia: the potential use of the […]

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Vajont field course – Gallery

On 23rd and 24th May our PhD students attended the field course “The Meaning of a Disaster”, held by Massimiliano Bordoni in the Vajont Valley. Gallery Read
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Schlocchi Award to Chiara Amadori, PhD

Chiara Amadori, PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences, 30th series, has won the Schlocchi Award for the best 2018 PhD Thesis.
Amadori was awarded by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE International) and European Association of Geoscientists […]



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