Thanks to a wide network of international collaborations with universities, research centres and companies, our students are able to make up their own basic or applied researches in the fields of the most important current events:
– climate changes and impacts on the ecosystems;
– detection, sustainable use and safeguard of the natural resources (geothermal energy, water, hydrocarbons, minerals);
– evaluation and mitigation of geological risks (hydrogeological, seismic and volcanic);
– habitat management and evaluation of anthropogenic impacts;
– management and improvement of biodiversity;
– behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology;
– conservation and management of cultural heritage;
– study of materials and industrial processes;
– geodynamic, with particular attention to the petrogenesis and to the study of the mineral inclusion of the metamorphic rocks (high pressure).
Thanks to the presence in the Academic Board of professors belonging to different researches areas, our PhD students’ projects can take advantage of a multidisciplinary support, in order to face with any problem from an innovative and creative point of view. The Academic Board includes young researchers, even a ERC winner and high reputed researchers from international public and private subjects.

The call for 2017/18 candidates will be published at

Research Topics 2017/18