Winter School Thermal history of basin-source systems

The Earth and Environmental Sciences PhD Program of the University of Pavia, in collaboration with Oil and Gas Industry, is pleased to announce the International Winter School entitled “Thermal history of basin-source systems: techniques, modelling and applications”, sponsor Eni.

The School will be held on February 10-15, 2020 in the historical Palazzo San Tommaso, Aula Bottigella (location: Piazza del Lino 1), Pavia (Italy) and in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences during the last day only, February 15th (location: Via Ferrata 1).

The major purpose of the School is to share and discuss the modern knowledge of the basin-source system and its thermal evolution from sedimentological, structural, geochemical, low-temperature thermochronology, geochronology and modelling point of view. In addition, the need to understand the processes of basin formation and evolution is not purely academic as sedimentary basins are the location for hydrocarbon and water reserves and host a variety of important mineral deposits; as such they are the focus of intense industrial interest.

The School is targeted to PhD students, post-docs, advanced master students and young researchers.

Lectures will be held by:

  • Olivier Lacombe (Sorbonne Université)
  • Peter DeCelles (University of Arizona)
  • Barbara Carrapa (University of Arizona)
  • M. Giuditta Fellin (ETH Zurich)
  • Andrea Ceriani (Khalifa University)
  • Sveva Corrado (RomaTre University)
  • Elisabetta Previde Massara (Eni)
  • Cristina Daturi (Eni)
  • Maria Cristina Persano (University of Glasgow)
  • Massimiliano Zattin (University of Padua)
  • Matteo Maino (University of Pavia)

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Winter School Schedule

Program of the visit to Eni labs

How to reach Pavia and the School’s venue