Admission to PhD

The call for 2018/19 candidates will be published at (Italian version) and (English version)

Research topics 2018/19


Guide for International Students

ADMISSION PROCEDURE: qualifications assessment and interview
Candidates resident abroad are allowed to take a web-based interview via videoconference, provided a written email request to is made at the same time as the application submission. The PhD office will confirm the receipt of such request.

Candidates’ knowledge of English will be verified during the interview.

Candidates’ qualifications will be assessed through the evaluation of the following items:
a) marks obtained in the exams taken during the candidate’s degree courses;
b) a research project in Italian or English. The project must concern one of the research topics included in the PhD course. The project is meant to verify the candidate’s aptitude towards research. It will not be binding if the candidate is admitted onto the PhD course;
c) other qualifications consistent with the PhD topics, such as publications, abstract in congress, master, etc;
d) a brief summary of the Master thesis.
Only the candidates that are judged as qualified on the base of the Qualifications Assessment will be admitted to the interview.

The interview will be held in Italian or English and will be an opportunity to verify the candidate’s knowledge of English. The interview will consist in a short presentation of the research project (max 15 minutes; the use of technologic support such as slides is strongly encouraged) that is designed to verify the candidate’s aptitude towards research. The research project presented by the candidate will not, in any way, be binding if the candidate is admitted onto the PhD course.