Admission to PhD

The call for 2020/21 candidates will be published at (Italian version) and (English version)

Research topics 2020/21


Guide for International Students

ADMISSION PROCEDURE: qualifications assessment and interview
Candidates living abroad are allowed to take a web-based interview via videoconference, provided a written e-mail request is made to by the deadline of June 24th, 2020 at 17:00 pm (Italian time); The PhD office will acknowledge receipt of the e-mail.

Candidates’ knowledge of English will be verified during the interview.

Candidates’ qualifications will be assessed through the evaluation of the following items:

a) arithmetic mean of the marks obtained in the exams taken during the candidate’s degree courses (up to 5 points);
b) research project and qualifications (up to 5 points). The research project (max 5000 characters, spaces included), in Italian or English, must concern one of the research topics included in the PhD course. The project is meant to verify the candidate’s aptitude towards research. It will not be binding if the candidate is admitted onto the PhD course. The qualifications include: research and development activity for public and private institutions; scientific publications; postgraduate scientific education (internships, training courses, participation to conferences).

The qualifications must be submitted according with the procedure indicated in art. 5, para. 2 of this call for applications.

The minimum score to be called for interview is 5/10.

Candidates must include a brief summary of their Master thesis (max. 2000 characters, spaces included).

The results of the qualifications assessment will be announced no later than July TBD.
The results will be posted on the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences noticeboard and in the Personal Area of the candidate in the University website. This can be accessed using the login information provided during registration.

INTERVIEW: July TBD (Italian time) – Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, via Ferrata n. 9 – Pavia

The interview will be held in Italian or English and will be an opportunity to verify the candidate’s knowledge of English. The interview will consist in a short presentation of the research project (max 15 minutes; the use of technologic support such as slides is strongly encouraged) that is designed to verify the candidate’s aptitude towards research. The research project presented by the candidate will not, in any way, be binding if the candidate is admitted onto the PhD course. More details on programmes and research topics are available at the following website:

The interview by videoconference, where required, will start at 15:00 (Italian time) of July TBD. Before the interview, candidates will be asked to show the same valid identity document whose details were entered during the application procedure. The University of Pavia does not take any responsibility for a candidate’s failure to take the interview due to technical difficulties.