Research projects 37th series


Title: Numeric Gully Erosion Assessment in selected Agroecosystems
Proposer: Michael Merker

Title: Assessing genetic introgression event between two Italian colubrids (Hierophis viridiflavus and H. carbonarius), its morphological drivers and effects on melanism expression
Proposer: Roberto Sacchi

Title: Early evolution of mantle-derived magmas involved in the building of the Ivrea Mafic Complex (Italian Alps)
Proposer: Riccardo Tribuzio

Title: Alpine plant biodiversity across time and space: a multifaceted approach in the context of climate change
Proposer: Graziano Rossi

Title: Towards a sustainable development of mushrooms to enhance and extend human lifespan as well as to prevent neurodegeneration
Proposer: Elena Savino


Title: Biological control for Non-indigenous Crayfish Species (NICS)
Proposer: Roberto Sacchi

Title: The role of structural inheritance in thrust tectonics: the Ligurian Alps case-study
Proposer: Matteo Maino

Title: Support of A-DInSAR data in ground displacement detection and monitoring for a sustainable land management
Proposer: Claudia Meisina


Title: Fungi as recycling bio-agents for innovative industrial and agri-food applications
Proposer: Elena Savino

Title: Planetary cartography with MATISSE
Proposer: Francesco Zucca

FUNDED BY “Facing Global Challenges”: le risposte della ricerca di Ateneo nei dottorati innovativi di UniPV” project

Title: Models and technologies to monitor and predict Earth’s crust movements