Research projects 39th series

Title: LET2BE – Linking the Exposed belT to the Buried onE: motion of the crust in the Emilian arc of the Northern Apennines. 
(Proposer: Andrea Di Giulio)

Title: Selection and characterization of fungal strains for innovative technologies in wastewater treatment.
(Proposer: Carolina Girometta)

Title: Human-mediated effects of climate change on amphibian populations at a lowland-mountain interface.
(Proposer: Marco Mangiacotti)

Title: A functional trait approach to study ‘losers’ and ‘winners’ of climate change in European alpine plant communities.
(Proposer: Andrea Mondoni)

Title: Morphological, ecological and behavioural adaptations of ectotherms to alpine lacustrine environments.
(Proposer: Daniele Pellitteri Rosa)

Title: Study of the first continental tectono-sedimentary phases of the Alpine Cycle in the Basque-Cantabrian area of the Pyrenees.
(Proposer: Ausonio Ronchi)

Title: Greening Agroecosystments on the Bases of Nature Based Solutions: case studies in vineyards and olive tree plantations in the N-Apennines.
(Proposer: Graziano Rossi)

Title: Linking rates of oceanic spreading with geochemical heterogeneity of the lower oceanic crust: a case study from the ultra-slow spreading Gakkel Ridge.
(Proposer: Alessio Sanfilippo)

Title: Dynamics of the crust-mantle transition zone from the United Arab Emirates ophiolite.
(Proposer: Riccardo Tribuzio)

Chemical-physical parameters ruling the lower crust and upper mantle rheologyINGV
(Proposer: Alberto Zanetti – C.N.R. – I.G.G.)